Things That Shouldn’t Be Done To Your AC According To Experts

Global warming and other contributing factors make summer hotter these days than a few years ago. This also means, our monthly electric bills will increase but do you know that there are simple mistakes that can damage your air conditioner? Apart from the fact that poor maintenance may also bring risk to your health such as it could trigger skin infections or nasal problems there are, however, few things you should not do with your air conditioner to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Neglect Changing the Filters

It is advisable that air conditioning unit filter should be changed every 3 months or best if you do it as often as once per month. This will incredibly shave off big energy consumption especially during humid days. You can replace the filter for as low as ten dollars, and other air conditioners do not need replacement of filters; only simple cleaning and it will be fine. If you forget these chores, the accumulated dirt will clog the AC which will result in poor performance of the air conditioner.

  1. Skipping The Annual Check-ups

Regular checkup and inspections of the unit are designed for early detection of defects through the manifested signs. When you skip its annual check-ups to save money, then you are risking spending more if there is already slight damage that should have taken cared of earlier. This might cause damage to properties so before you regret things, make sure it is running and functioning well.

  1. Setting The Thermostat At Super Low Level

If you are thinking of lowering your energy bills, then you should not set the thermostat at super low level. It always beneficial to your pocket and environment if you are decreasing the use of your air conditioning unit so if you think you can handle the higher setting of thermostat then do so.

  1. Not Having A Ceiling Fans

You might probably think you already had an air conditioner, so there is no need for any fan, but this conception is very wrong. According to experts, it would be best if there is a fan that could help the work of the air conditioning unit, so it does not own the sole burden of cooling the place. A ceiling is a perfect help your air conditioner needs especially during summer.

  1. Not Turning The AC Off When No One In The Room

Experts say that air conditioners tend to be less efficient when you do not turn it off when no one is around. This is because there is no heat air coming from humans that the air conditioner will convert so this will give extra burden to the air conditioning unit if it is working in the unsuitable environment and may cause irreversible damage to the unit in the long run.

If you want to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit, refrain from doing the things we have mentioned above. This way, you can enjoy comfortable benefits of the air conditioner for a long time before it will wear out. For more about aircon maintenance, visit aircon service malaysia.


What are some common problems when hiring a moving company?

One of the best things that you can do whenever you have got to move to a different home is to hire a professional moving company in Singapore to help you out. This is because they can move all of your stuff quickly and safely. But you have got to make sure that you hire the right people, and that you follow the right procedure when you are hiring professional movers. Not every moving company is created equal, and you could also encounter a lot of problems when you are trying to hire a moving company. So here are those common problems, which you should try your best to avoid.

Hiring the wrong company

Not enough people to do the right amount of research whenever they are hiring a moving company. If you do not check the background of the company, then you are not going to be able to hire the right one.

Dealing with moving fraud

There are a lot of fraudulent moving companies that take your money and steal your stuff. To avoid a scam by a fake moving company, there are a few things that you can do. For example, you may want to check the kind of truck that they have to ensure that it has their company logo on it.

Relying on the online cost estimate

Usually, you can go to the website of the moving company and get a price estimate of how much they are going to charge. But you should not rely on that estimate since there are a lot of other charges to consider. You may have got to get several price estimates to ensure that you know how much to pay for when the move is over.

Not getting a final price quote on-site

Whenever you are dealing with a moving company, you have got to make sure that they commit to a final price on-site. This will ensure that you are not charged anything extra when the job is done.

Choosing the lowest priced moving company

It may be tempting to save money and just choose the moving company that charges the lowest amount of money, but that is a mistake. You are going to get better service from a company that charges a reasonable price.

Withholding information from the company

You should tell the moving company all of the details about the move, such as what to expect, etc. This is so that you can avoid incurring any additional charges.

Not getting insurance

If you think that you can save more money if you are not paying for insurance, you have got to think again. Often, the protection that you can get from getting insurance for your stuff will be very worth it in case something bad happens to your stuff during the move.

These are just some of the more common mistakes that you can encounter whenever you are about to hire a moving company. Be sure to follow the other tips within this article, if you want to solve or avoid these common moving mistakes. If you want a hassle-free time moving to your new place, then you had better try your best to avoid these issues whenever you are about to hire a moving company.

What to Consider When Hiring a Professional Plumber

One of the most important decisions you need to make as an owner of the household is hiring a professional plumber. And this shouldn’t be taken lightly, too. If possible, you should consider the professional plumber someone that can offer their services during the most unholy hours. Yet, why a licensed professional, you ask? This is to ensure that all the plumbing problems you have in your home are addressed the best way and according to standards. Failing to hire a reputable professional plumber can result in costly damage and dangerous repairs that might cost more than the original fee you paid for.

Here are some tips to consider when you are hiring a professional plumber.

Most states require the plumbers to carry a license, although some states do not really require them. If the state you are living in does require one, make sure you check it out first. And when you do, it is your chance to check out whether there were any formal complaints filed against them.

All professional plumbers must be insured, regardless which state they are offering their services. In certain cases, they even be required to be bonded, too. Insurance will not only protect the plumber. It will also protect you and your property, in case of damage or injury in either both you.

Length of Business’ Operations
Ask your prospect plumber how long they have been in the business. Larger companies tend to hire plumbers with years of experience, but it doesn’t harm you if you are going to ask. It is a good indicator for you if the company has been operating in the industry for more than 5 years already, because this gives you proof that they have been bringing satisfaction to their customers. It is also an indicator that they have mostly a clean record and provide quality work, too.


Don’t forget about the pricing, either. You might end up with the wrong professional if you don’t prepare a budget for it. The plumber knows what he or she requires to be done and will be able to provide an accurate estimate, except when they find other emergencies when they arrive at your home finding more problems. Make sure that you get three estimates – which means from 3 different plumbing professionals. The most natural move you’d make when you compare estimates is to look at the cheapest offer. However, you must be careful against those that have lower estimates. There are times it could mean that they are cutting corners or the parts or components they are using have inferior quality.

All professional plumbers must guarantee their work, and it is not just their job. It should also include the parts they are using as well. A lot of warranties cover the work of the plumber for mostly a year. If they refuse to guarantee their work on your home, move on to another plumber.

A Little History of Galeria Urban Forms

Urban Forms Foundation was established in 2009. Our activities focus on a broadly understood urban culture, focusing on the organization, promotion and support of independent artistic, sporting and social initiatives.

We want to promote “living” culture and art directly to the public, allowing us to actively participate in events organized by us. We promote all activities in the urban iconic, which is a manifestation of artistic creativity but also a tool of social revitalization. Our goal is to create cyclical events in the urban space of Łódź, permanently changing and improving its quality.

Our main mission is to saturate Lodz urban fabric, creative, multi-dimensional, modern art that would greatly improve the present image of Łódź, giving it a truly artistic and original value. The main tool for this purpose is large-scale painting, created directly on the facades of buildings, which permanently changes the face of a given space.

Urban Forms Gallery is an original project of our foundation. This is a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space of Łódź. At present it consists of 30 large-format murals – murali – placed directly on the facades of buildings in the city center. They create an artistic trail accessible to all residents and visitors.